“Am I thin?”: why do women ask this question… ?

As a culture, we have always been obsessed with size. The bust-to-waist ratio expectations and ideals have constantly been fluctuating. Ever since I can remember, my siblings and me have often asked each other “do you think I’m thin?” and I never paid the question any serious thought really until now. In order to fully … More “Am I thin?”: why do women ask this question… ?

Masks, lockdown… 2020 summer fashion!?

With summer 2020 practically cancelled thanks to social distancing, what’s lined up for fashion in the age of corona? Actually, now can be a pretty good opportunity to rethink our fashion choices and brainstorm on how exactly to idealy incorportate masks into our outfits.   In a time where everyone is social distancing (in the UK … More Masks, lockdown… 2020 summer fashion!?