Masks, lockdown… 2020 summer fashion!?

With summer 2020 practically cancelled thanks to social distancing, what’s lined up for fashion in the age of corona? Actually, now can be a pretty good opportunity to rethink our fashion choices and brainstorm on how exactly to idealy incorportate masks into our outfits.  

In a time where everyone is social distancing (in the UK at least) and people you are  prioritising looks less and less, the rare occasion you post an insta or fb selfie, or dress up a bit to meet your friends 2 metres apart can be, comparitively, a much less mundane event than before. Besides, wearing make up and something other than pjs just helps a little to keep the santiy in check.

Since you can put more thought into the clothes you wear, why not consider what you tell people through your choice in clothes? After all, fashion is a statement. If you advocate for feminism or anti-racism, intergrate this! The fabric, the print, the colour, all counts and it’s fun.

(Well… Some would argue that this is what fashion ought to be and that we should be more than just copy-paste versions of Hollister mannequins.)

Anyway I’ve compiled a few looks down below inspired by recent trends from fashion shows to get creative juices flowing!

1. For equality, PRIDE, and feminism!

equality outfit

2020 fashion themes : 

  • Builder mask
  • Risque cut-outs
  • Colourful graphic prints
  • Chunky trainers
  • Utility jumpsuit
  • Highlighter neons
  • Sling cross-body bag

For going out for protests, a utility jumpsuit paired with chunky trainers and mask is a great option for comfort. Choosing only a few colourful elements also tends to draw attention to them! (Neon in particular has been popular for some time so far.)

2. Save the planet!

Eco friendly

2020 fashion themes:

  • Clear mask
  • Crochet (or net) top
  • Bralette
  • Paperbag shorts (or trousers)
  • Bermuda shorts
    • Loose linen style
  • Shades of rust: orange, brown, pinky-brown
  • Vintage 70s fashion
  • Bucket hat
  • Woven natural fibre bag
  • Platform flip-flops

Now, with certain researchers actually drawing links between the sudden outbreak of covid and global warming, it’s a good wake-up call to all who could be doing more for the environment. Think about the clothes you wear. Linen or cotton are both biodegradable and breathable (meaning less sweat sticking to you in the summer). Another is just to buy less clothes, or go through some vintage clothing in charity shops!

Clear masks, or having a section of your mask transparent, is a good option to make communication a hell of a lot easier for the deaf or hard of hearing. (There’s even a mask called Resting Risk Face by a San Francisco designer where you upload a photo of your mouth or someone else’s and it can but printed on the mask.)

3. Exercise!

exercise outfit

2020 fashion themes:

  • Neon stripe mask
  • Highlighter neons
  • Mesh or netting
  • Drawstring or cinching elements
  • Bralette
  • Chunky trainers

Ugg has some brilliant options for trainers that you can shop in both the male and female sections! Think about perhaps spending a big more on shoes since they’ll last you longer. Reversible change colour sequin appliques and heat-changing colour elements in fashion is also beginning to be an interesting trend.

Attention: If you have a lot of bare skin, be sure to cover any cuts carefully with plasters as you could potentially get infected (info on this here). 

4. Against racism!

anti racism outfit

2020 fashion themes:

  • Monochrome mask
  • Chunky sandals
  • Long or midi pleated skirt
  • Leather (or pvc leather) elements
  • Staud moon bag

Black lives matter movement is in full swing and there is a simmering racism against the asian communities due to covid. In having only the print on the tank top being coloured, it helps draw attention to it and its cause! (i.e. the race issue)

The monochrome mask in the outfit is created by Lithuanian designer Robert Kalinkin who is advocating for more fashion brands to create masks!

5. Anti-militarization! Peace!


2020 fashion themes:

  • Turtleneck mask
  • Cargo pants
  • Utility belt
  • Chunky white trainers
  • Super sac bag

In Asia, the political climate is beginning to get particularly volatile and with the real possibility of war breaking out in the East, a crowds of apprehensive individuals are currently protesting legislation concerning the military in Japan. This brings us to the issue that we often only react once war affects more developed countries. There are currently many countries where war is rampant. The restrictions that come with Covid are only a taste of the chaos and suppression. Considering this, why not voice your sentiments through your fashion!

6. Luxury, volume, minimalism

minimalist outfit

2020 fashion themes:

  • Customised mask
  • Monochrome and silky whites
  • Minimalism
  • Volume, tiers and puff
  • White shirt
  • Hot pants
  • Mules
  • Micro bag

Well, although this outfit isn’t exactly advocating for anything, I just happened to put this outfit together so here you go.

7. Remote work!

Work outfit

2020 fashion themes:

  • Cat mask
  • Matching  two-suit combo
  • pin stripes
  • Bermuda shorts
  • Giant tote bag
  • tie up (or gladiator) sandals

More people are starting to switch to remote work in order to carry on working to keep the economy going. It’s so easy to just lounge around in slouchy clothes or just pop on a jacket near you, but you might find it refreshing dress up properly or rethink your outfit.

Other summer fashion themes: 

  • 3 pieces with a vest are also on the rise!
  • Trench coats
  • Graphic prints (e.g. tropical, animal prints)
  • drapping
  • denim


Below, I’ve placed some links to sustainable clothing shops, so check them out! If they’re a bit expensive then consider popping into a charity shop every so often or looking on ebay.

Anyway, what do you think? which do you prefer? why not drop comment down below!

Capture d’écran 2020-06-25 à 07.27.34
里神楽 / Weibo
Don’t forget your masks! (Just a note, animals don’t actually need masks)

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