Quick but good student revision food!

Although it is incredibly easy to fall into eating sugary food during exam period, after a while you can get kind of sick of it so it pays off to have some healthy options within reach. But this doesn’t mean that cooking prep needs time!

Here are a few super easy, filling meals or snack that I’ve chosen eventually from trial and error.

A fast, standard breakfast

Yoghurt with granola, fruit (strawberries and blueberries), and honey
DMCA / pxfuel

Granola or oatmeal with yoghurt and maybe some honey and fruit like figs, apples, or bananas (if you want, of course). If you don’t always have a lot of time in the morning, prepare this in a jar the day before and grab it out of the fridge before you leave for work or lectures.


Take a break and make a brownie

Raspberry brownies with chocolate chips on white plate
Ella Olsson / pexels

First, making time for breaks it important to studying, and second, it fills the house with good smells and can be perfect brain-stimulating, feel-good snack to eat later!


  1. Dark chocolate: aside from helping to diminish the negative effects of stress through stimulating the release of endorpines, dark chocolate is also said to help improve brain function, attention span, and even problem-solving skills, while also reducing risks of heart disease, inflammation, and insulin resistance because it’s filled with antioxidant and minerals.
  2. Eggs: supposedly helps with retaining memory and communication among brain cells as it’s packed with choline, which is a precursor for acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. And besides being a very nutritious low-calorie yet filling food that are jam-packed with vitamins D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc and iron, eggs have bethane, a chemical that churns out hormones related to happiness so will help with stress!
  3. Nuts & seeds: great as a sustaining source of energy without the sugar spikes since nuts and seeds slow digestion and the release of glucose into the blood stream. In doing so, they also satisfy hunger and reduce appetite.
  4. Raspberries (frozen): cause energy to be released into the body more slowly because they contain fibre which slows down digestion. They also have B vitamins which our bodies need for energy.
  5. Mashed banana (optional): supports concentration, according to studies, since they have vitamin B6 which promotes the production of serotonin, neorepinephrine and dopamine.

Example recipe:

Nigella Lawson brownies

Coffee is good!


Honestly, don’t skimp out on getting good coffee, even if it’s instant coffee.



  • Milk: If it’s 3 hours before you sleep, then sometimes a warm glass of milk with 1/2 a tsp can be better!
  • Green tea: boosts concentration as well as providing antioxidants and not being too high in caffeine.

Snacks for studying

Your brainfood…and pleasure food…


  1. Almonds: curbs hunger so they’re good for weight loss, and reduces blood sugar levels and blood pressure.
  2. Dark chocolate: improves brain function (more in brownie section above).
  3. Popcorn: improves digestion since it’s 100% whole grain and is filled with fiber. Stock up and microwave packets whenever you want!
  4. Fruit salad: paticularly bananas as they apparently support concentation (more in brownie section above).
  5. Frozen grapes: reduce inflammation due to their antioxidant properties (resveratrol). They’re also said to help protect against diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.
  6. Veggies (with hummus or miso paste): hummus is a source of plant-based protein which is good for the optimal health of the immune system. It also fights inflammation, is high in fiber which improves digestive health, and controls blood sugar levels. Miso paste is rich in essential minerals and vitamins like vitamin B. It is also a fermented food which is good for gut bacteria and ultimately can be linked to overall mental and physcial well-being.
  7. Homemade trail mix (with some sweets): nuts are a great sustaining source of energy and useful for satisfying hunger and reducing appetite (more in brownie section above).
  8. Apples with peanut butter: an ideal low-calorie post-workout snack, apples have carbs and fiber, while peanut butter has additional fibre with other fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc.
  9. Soaked, crunchy chickpeas: as well as being a brilliant meat substitute, chickpeas improve digestion and aid in weight management since there is a lot of protein, fibre, and vitamins.
  10. Cottage cheese: has been shown to aid in fat-burning process and regulate blood pressure as it is a dairy product and so, high in calcium.

Hotpot stew

Nathan Dumlao / unsplash

Put on a hot pot and just go to study. This is the ideal, healthy, minimal energy study meal which can cover more than one meal.


Example recipes:

Beef hotpot recipe

Beef casserole recipe

Feeling nervous before the test?

Rainer Lieverscheidt / pixabay

When your tummy’s all over the place, it’s a good idea to go easy on it. Reach for the fish, brush it with pesto, wrap it in foil, and slow cook it in the oven. Eat it with greens and some pasta or rice.

If not, sardines on toast can cut it!


Example recipe: 

Whitney Bond salmon with pesto

Jamie Oliver salmon with pesto

And, lastly, drink water!

Dantrvo / unsplash

Drink, drink, drink… Water and not fizzy/energy drinks, which are high in sugar, since they lead to energy peaks and troughs.


Grab the opportunity to take a bottle of water in with you to the exam. A study of university students found that those who did so performed on average 5% better than those who didn’t.

Recommended further reading :

Featured image : ChameleonsEye / shutterstock

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